Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Wall2Wall Steemers uses superior carpet cleaning techniques that are approved by the manufacturers. Hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” is the same method of cleaning.


We use van powered equipment called The Butler that has all onboard equipment that comes right from the van.

Areas that can’t be reached using the truck mount, we also offer portable hot water extraction. For example, a high-rise building.

Carpet Cleaning Process

We use the eight step process on every job to ensure its done right the first time. The eight step time frame depends on the amount of areas getting cleaned. Typically, 4 bedrooms would take about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how heavily soiled the carpets may be. Below is a detailed list of the eight step process is done.

  1. Inspection – Technicians, along with the customers do walk through to identify the carpet type, existing spots, and long term stains. Soiling conditions have to be identified in order to use the right chemistry to remove the problematic soiling.
  2. Pre-vacuum – This step is to remove dry soil. Removing as much dry soil as possible can take out 79% of soil before the cleaning. This step also removes hairs and pet dander.
  3. Pre-Treatment – To ensure proper cleaning, pre-treatment is applied on the carpet in order to suspend the soil from the carpet fibers before extraction. This step is important because not every carpet is the same, so not every carpet gets cleaned the same.
  4. Agitation – moving or agitating the carpet fibers is an extra step in suspension of soils from the fibers before extraction.
  5. Hot Water Extraction “Steam Cleaning” – Using high performance van powered truck mount, we use 200 degree water that has a neutralizing agent to bring the pH of the carpets to neutral while they dry to prevent and browning or wicking. This step also insures to rinse out cleaning detergents used in step 3.
  6. Post Spot Treating – Sometimes stubborn stains such as coffee, urine, or soda can remain after the cleaning. Post treating the stains with a time releasing agent is applied to the stain to reduce it over the course of a few hours.
  7. Post Agitation – Raking the carpet pile with a groomer will make flat fibers stand back upright for faster drying time. Post agitation also includes Scotchguard Protector. At the home owner’s request, we can reapply the Scotchtguard due to it being removed during the cleaning process.
  8. Post Inspection – After the cleaning process is complete. The customer is invited in to inspect the carpets to ensure the job was done right to their satisfaction.

Very Low Moisture (VLM) Cleaning

Wall2Wall Steemers also offers other methods of carpet cleaning called Very Low Moisture (VLM). Encapsulation cleaning is a form of VLM cleaning. This procedure can only be done on carpets that are not heavily soiled. Encapsulation cleaning includes pre-vacuum, pretreating , and agitating only.

When the carpets dry, the soil from the carpets are encapsulated in a crystalized “bubble” on the surface of the carpets. All that needs to be done is a good vacuum to remove the crystals.


Why should I get my carpets professionally cleaned 1 to 2 times a year?

Carpets are like a filter. They can hold up to a pound of soil per square foot before you notice the soil. Vacuuming is a great way to maintain carpets in between cleanings, especially on the high traffic areas that get the most wear.

Vacuuming only gets out dry soil, in order to release the soils from the fibers, the pH has to be changed, and moisture is a used. Removing soils that are deeply imbedded in the carpets can extend the life of the carpets, and improve the air quality. Microorganisms and pet dander also live deep down in the carpets that could possibly be harmful to kids and pets.


Money back Gurantee

Wall2Wall Steemers has a 5 day money back guarantee. Within five days of our services, if the customer is not completely satisfied please call us back. We will return to your home or business to correct the problem. If the customer is still not completely satisfied, we will return your money 100% guaranteed.

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