Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do before the Carpet Technician(s) arrive?

Before the technician arrives, please have all small things moved.  Small items like trash cans, laundry, toys, shoes, end table (if possible), etc.  Also, vacuuming the carpets.  We’re still going to vacuum as we use the 10 step procedure.  However, the homeowner should vacuum to remove large debris and dust.

Do you move furniture?

Yes! We do move some furniture.  We don’t move China Cabinets, beds, dressers, electronics, or entertainment stands.  These heavy items are a liability and we prefer not to move them.  Please understand we are Professional Cleaners, Not Professional Movers. 

Is there a Minimum Charge?

Yes the Minimum Charge is $90.  This means even if there is only one area to be cleaned, the minimum charge for technicians to come to your home is $90.

Can I clean my own carpets myself? 

Yes you sure can.  However, have you ever noticed a couple days after cleaning the carpets look brown?  This problem occurs for a couple of reasons.
  1. When using over the counter cleaning agents, your portable machine can’t rinse out all agents you have applied to the carpet.  This means the pH is left too high in the carpets while they’re drying, and turns brown.
  2. When you cant rinse all the cleaning agents out, as you walk across the carpets the soap left behind cleans the bottom of your feet.  Remember, soils stick to soap.
  3. Leaving too much water behind.  That portable unit does not have enough suction to extract all the water used in the cleaning.  This means the carpets will dry slowly, and as moisture evaporates the soil from the padding will rise to the surface and causing a brown stain.

How long after cleaning can we walk on the carpets?

After the cleaning it wont hurt to walk on the carpets while they’re damp.  We recommend wearing socks only, or house shoes.  No outside shoes or bare feet.  Oils from you feet can attract soil.  After the carpets have dried everything should be fine.

Do you use environmentally friendly cleaning agents?

Yes! Our choice of detergents is the Bridgepoint brand, and everything is eco friendly and hypoallergenic to children and animals.

What are the dark lines around the perimeter of the room along the walls?

These are called Filtration stains.  As the air travels around your home or office, dust particles are collected in the carpet along the baseboards.  Causing the carpet act as a filter.

What causes forgotten stains to reappear during cleaning?

A stain that has occurred early on can be cover with soil over time.  During the cleaning, the soil covering the stain is cleaned and the stain is now visible again. 

Why do I still have spots after cleaning?

There is a difference between a spot and a stain.  Spots can be removed with or without special spotting agents, Stains are those that cannot be removed at all.

What should I use if my pet urinates on the carpets?

We recommend using vinegar and water 1 to 1.  With over a decade of experience, vinegar will neutralize those alkaline salts from the urine, and kill the odor. 

Why does Urine smell so bad?

When your animal urinates on the carpets, the bacteria in the carpets feeds off the urine.  The gases that the bacteria gives off is actually ammonia.  That is why urine smells the way it does.

Does carpet protector really work?

When you have brand new carpets installed in your home or office, ask yourself how long it took the carpets to get heavily soiled?  It probably took a little while right?  This is because there is a protective coating on the carpet fibers from the carpet mill.  Doing preventative maintenance like vacuuming will increase the life of the carpets and remove dry soil.  Once your carpets are professionally cleaned the protective coating is cleaned off, and it is highly recommended to re-apply it so you don’t void your carpets warranty.  Protector also gives the homeowner extra time to clean spilled liquids and make it easier for stains to be removed for the next professional cleaning.     

Do you offer price matching from your competitors?

No.  Wall2Wall Steemers is a company that focuses on quality not quantity.  We will not cut corners.  With our knowledge, quality or work, and experience we deserve to get financially compensated for our professionalism and expertise.  Remember, you cannot compare a service to a product. 

How long does it take the carpets to dry?

Area rugs typically take about 1 to 2 hours to dry.  Synthetic carpets take 3 to 5 hours of drying time.  If there are ceiling fans or open windows, the dry time can be cut in half. 

What guarantee do you offer?

With any service that we provide, if you are not completely happy we will return to you home or office.  If you are still not happy we will issue a full 100% money back refund, Guaranteed!

Are you licensed, and insured?

Absolutely!  We are licensed through the city of Charlottesville, and have up to $2 million dollar liability coverage.

Will the padding get wet during the cleaning?  

During the cleaning process, your padding will not get wet.  However, if you have severe pet damage to the carpeted areas Wall2Wall Steemers does a carpet “flush.” Saturating the contaminated areas and rinsing all urine and other materials.  This process starts on the surface and travels through to the padding.  Not do worry though, 98% of the moisture is extracted and left to dry on its own without browning, wicking, or damage to your sub-floor. 

Scam Alerts

Please don’t be fooled by low prices.  Low prices never work while your looking for quality services.  For example, if you come across and carpet cleaning advertisement for $20 per room keep away from them.  They are either a bait and switch company who focuses on quantity and not quality, or have no expertise leaving you looking for another carpet cleaner.

Do you have testimonials?

Wall2Wall Steemers has the highest number of testimonials on the search engine Google in the Charlottesville area for Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, and Pet Odor Removal!  We have over 100 videos on Facebook and Instagram.  We also have a Youtube page, so visit either one of these.  That way you can have an idea or our expertise, professionalism, and what to expect when we come to your home or office.