Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Wall2Wall Steemers offers rug cleaning services to rid your rug of pet stains, dirt, or other accidents. Contact us to schedule your cleaning.


Wall2Wall Steemers provides expert on site area rug cleaning for your home and office. Area Rugs tend to be made of very delicate fibers. Fibers such as Wool, and Silk are called protein fibers since they are made from animals.

Other delicate fibers are Oriental, Persian, Handwoven, Antique, and even Synthetic. When working on these delicate fibers, its important our trained technicians understand the proper steps it takes to make your rug look new without causing any damage.

The cleaning pH of delicate fibers should never go above an 8. This is to ensure the dyes on the fibers don’t get released and bleed away from the fibers. In addition to properly cleaning with the correct pH, it’s best to use only cold water to prevent shrinking, and causing the stains to be locked in on the fibers.

Urine & Fecal Matter

If your animal has an accident on the area rug, its very important not to try to clean the spot with over the counter products. This can result in bleeding that cannot be corrected. Pet accidents should be handled by a professional.

Often times there are urine and fecal stains left behind, even after being cleaned by a trained technician. No problem, that’s what Wall2Wall Steemers is here for. On wall to wall carpeting, a urine or fecal stain can be reduced using a 1 to 1 peroxide based solution after cleaning and extraction.

However, on delicate fibers the peroxide must be reduced to 2 or 3 percent, and rinsed out to prevent dis-colorization.

Drying Time

Nothing will dry your rug faster that the sun.  In the sun, your rugs can be dry in as little as 30 minutes to 1 hour.  If the technician has to clean the rug inside, it will take around 1 to 2 hours.  Instead of using 500 to 600 PSI technicians will use 200 to 300 PSI to clean the fibers. 
The drop in PSI is to make sure the moisture doesn’t reach the secondary backing of your rug, causing separation.  Also, protecting your wood floors the underneath.  


Fringes are just as important and the body of the rug.  Wall2Wall Steemers offers a delicate fiber safe fringe cleaning product, that restores your fringes back to their original color.

Rug Protection

Delicate fibers are special for a reason.  After getting your rugs properly cleaned, it’s important to apply protector to do the following: 
  • Oil and Water Stains
  • Resist Soiling 
  • Stay Cleaner Longer
  • Helps Stains Release During Next Cleaning
  • Gives More Time For Blotting Spilled Beverages 

Tips for Maintaining Rugs

  • Vacuum- keeping as much dry soil off the rug fibers as possible.
  • Rotate- rotating your rugs every 6 months to a year will allow even wear.
  • Anti-slip Underlay- using an underlay will keep the rug from sliding in unwanted places

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